Lutherie at It's Finest: Antonization

Thank you customers!

Word of mouth of our musical instruments repair has been our best advertisement.


The term "Antonize" or "Antonization" is a phrase. . . our customers made up.
We heard it as customers brought their instruments to be Antonized.  Word spread of the newly coined phrase and customers shared by word of mouth how well pleased they were with Anton's set-ups and new customers called to get the "Antonization" Process for their musical instruments repairs.

Word of mouth has been our best advertisement. 

Thank you customers! 


Antonize /ˈan tōn īz/

Verb: The act of adjustment to a musical instrument by Anton so that it operates properly, altering the tone, or pitch of until musical instrument is in pitch, action set up, and ease of play-ability. 

“Anton slightly lowered the guitar’s string action set up and adjusted its truss rod “ 

Small alterations or movement so as to allow a desired result of play-ability ease to be achieved

Anton correctly adjusted the positioning of the violin sound post

Satisfied Customer joked: 

"I cannot believe how well my guitar plays now.  It just plays all by itself when I hold it!"

Synonyms: adjust, manage, balanced, set up, synchronize, modulate, tuned, regulate, harmonize, change the tone of, vary, modify, alter, tune, fine-tune, calibrate

Verb: Antonize; third person present: Antonizes; past tense Antonized; past participial: Antonized; gerund or present participle: Antonizing 

noun Anton  /ˈan tōn/ Lehman /lāˈmohn/ (Hungarian)

The man, luthier, full of tone and crafting of music and stringed instruments. Customers call him “Antonator” 

Til the notes fade, Anton

Antonization: The process of having your instruments fine tuned by Anton Lehman of Anton's Musical Instruments Repair

Antonated: Touch of the luthier magic of Anton Lehman

Antonized: Past tense of a set up by Anton Lehman. Some sell instruments with phrases “Good condition and recently “Antonized”.